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  • Bait & Trap ARE easy to use
  • Close the Box bait box lid and it seals
  • Pull the External black Trap Cord to Set. Check Trap regularly
  • Always wear gloves when handling rodent boxes as the rodent won’t enter the box if it smells human scent
  • Ideal trap for use in-home or office where you don’t want to see the end result. The rodent is trapped inside and the trap can be disposed of easily.
  • The trap is durable and is made of a clear plastic this makes it easy to identify and inspect the rat or mouse that has been caught.
  • HYGIENIC – no contact and you don’t have to open the unit and it is not messy
  • QUICK, EASY, SECURE & SAFE – The bait box is fully enclosed, preventing children or pets from accessing the trap. The bait free trap is lockable making very useful in an area where it is sensitive
  • No need to handle the rodent trapped
  • Clean and easy to use and is reusable


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How do I get rid of rats and mice in my home?

What is the easiest way to get rid of rodents at my premises?

What is the best way to control rodents in homes?

  • A ready to use unit for trapping rats or mice, pre-assembled with a Snap-E rattrap inside. SX Trap-in-a-Box features a pull cord allowing the trap to be set from outside the box. The clear trap also allows the user to see when a rodent has been caught, reducing servicing time.
  • SX Trap-in-a-Box is made from tough polypropylene
  • The SX Trap-in-a-Box has a hinged lid/cover
  • Locked, discrete secured bait station using the SX Trap-in-a-Box One key
  • Lock designed to prevent water build-up internally
  • SX Trap-in-a-Box is Non-toxic
  • No need to handle the trapped rat, always use gloves when handling any rodent products
  • SX Trap-in-a-Box Easy to set and clean out, no need to hand trapped rodents
  • Keeps fingers away from the trap, reusable
  • The unit features viewing slots, allowing technicians to see if the trap has been activated

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 35 cm