Pest Control Sydney

I have found white looking ants in my garden wood chip and sleepers with many black ants around – Should I have a termite inspection or treatment every year?

It is extremely common for termites to found in sleepers and woodchip that is food for the termite. Often you will see White ants with black ants that is good as the black ant is a predator of the white ant. The white ant is a protein food for the black ant. The termites & ants are also found in large trees, tree stumps left in the ground, native plants & trees and where there is moisture like leaking hot water systems or leaking taps that extend to the sub floor. This does not mean that your house is affected but if you are concerned call Wilson’s Pest Control and combine a Pest Service and Termite Inspection annually; when combining these services we offer a reduce cost rather than having two separate services

I have found a pile or mound of dirt at the back fence of my property and after digging a little I noticed there were hundreds of small white ants with black head – Should I spray the ant mound?

These are most likely to be termites you must not disturb or spray the nest call Wilson’s Pest Control for a site inspection and to assist what the best treatment is for your property to be protected. If you disturb the nest the termites will move on and start a new colony. The whole purpose in life is to provide for the queens so they will seek out new food and your home could potentially be that food.

I have old building materials, timber, old tree stumps all around by property and on the ground – Is this an issue for us?

It is highly recommended that this material is not placed directly onto the ground as this is a high risk and a huge attraction for termites. We suggested that you clean up and remove this material to remove the risk from your property. If possible elevate the material on bricks or steel frames. Termites like wood and moisture the two together are a perfect environment for them to start a new colony.

I had Rat & Mouse bait stations installed 3 months ago and now I am hearing noises again?

Rat & Mice baiting is a very effective treatment in most cases you will notice results in a matter of 1 week you may no longer hear scratching, noises or see chewed materials, droppings. The time that the baits last depends on how severe the rodent problem is. If you did not have a major problem the baits will last longer by poisoning off another cycle off baby rats. If you had a severe issue to begin with you will find that the bait has been eaten quickly; therefore a follow up service is required to replenish the bait. Bait replenishment is recommended until the rodent problem is resolved.

I had Rats or Mice in my roof and there is a bad smell, I think one may have died in the roof – What should I do?

This can happen and this is the reason the roof was baited. The rat or mouse can be removed by the owner if safe with glove by disposing in plastic bag in the bin. If you need us to remove the rodent we would have to charge a small service fee or if we are in the area we would be happy to drop by. Please be aware that it takes around 8 – 12 days for the body of a rodent to decompose at which time the smell will disappear.

How long will my Pest Control Service last?

The time will depend on the pest service if it was for internal or external, the pest you had treated, the severity of the problem, elements surrounding the properties and their state. Normal frequency of pest Control treatment is German cockroaches every 3 months until the problem is removed, 6 – 12 monthly for general pest service, Spiders, Bees, Wasp are usually a warm weather pest and once one nest is removed another could be produced close by therefore treatment may be on a as need basis. Many customer wait until the problem re-occur and then have the treatment that is ok for some pests but not for the Cockroaches where you need to treat until you have the problem under control and break the breading cycle.

Chemicals used for my house Pest Control are they safe around my family & pets?

Chemicals used by Wilson’s Pest Control are approve for use in Australia and are of low odour. We only use quality approved product from reputable long term suppliers. Where possible we don’t recommend chemical use but will provide you with information and a solution on how to maintain your environment. Interior Treatment with Chemicals is safe as long as safety processes are followed correctly. In saying that; it is best to allow the chemical up to 3 hours to dry. We recommend you leave your premises for that time to allow for drying time. If you have fish or a pond you will need to inform us and cover. If you have pets remove their food and water bows and store them away from the chemical, where possible plan to have your pets taken away for grooming on the day or have them locked up in an area away from the treatment until it dries.

What do I need to do to prepare for my Pest Control and Termite Service?

In most cases you don’t have to do anything at all. When our Techician arrive they will listen to you and assess your issue. If you are having a general pest service we recommend you store all your fresh food and open food in sealed containers. Remove pet food and water bowls. If you have a German cockroach problem empty your cupboards to allow for easy access, remove all rubbish and food in the kitchen areas. If you are having termite treatment and you have excessive amounts timber and building materials, potted plants or items stored along the walls of the property obstructing access it is recommend you move these before the treatment so that technician can access for drilling and injecting the area.

Will rain affect my Pest Control Treatment?

If it is raining we won’t carry out a treatment. The chemicals are designed to withstand the elements. If your property has been treated before the rain and the chemical has dried you will not have any issues. Termite Barrier Treatments are not affected by rain. If you are concerned we can reschedule the service.

Will the Technician arrive on time?

The Technician will arrive on time, if delayed due to issues such as traffic or unforeseen delays the Technician will contact you.

Should we clean the spider webs away before or after my Spider Pest Control Service

Do not remove the cob webs after your spider service the chemical residue that is sprayed on the webs is beneficial as it continues to expose the insects to the chemical residue. I also allows the chemical life of your treatment to be extended.

There are so many dead insects inside and around the house – What should I do?

The service provided has affected many pests that you were not aware that you had internally and externally. The purpose of the treatment was to stop pests from entering your home, once the treatment has taken affect the pests will die upon entering the home or property. Therefore you may find many dead pests and insects inside the house. It is a good signs if you find dead pests it means that your treatment is working.

After my exterior ant treatment I now find ants inside the house why is this happening?

Ants will search for water after coming into contact with chemical they will infect areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry. If the ant enters your home it is recommend the internal of the house be treated when the external service is done. But if this has not happened call and we can schedule in a time to treat the inside and check and redo the outside if required.

The treatment for ants may take about up to 2 weeks to be noticeable. This problem should only ever last up to 2 weeks, if you are still experiencing issues after this time we will re treat the area just call the technician.