Identifying Termite Vs Ants

Termites are also known as white ants.  The main difference between termites and ants is the body parts. Termites have two parts to the body, a broad waist, the antennas are straight, both wings are the same size, Ant have three parts to their body a narrow waist, antennas are L shaped, have two sets of wings one smaller than the other. Termites are slower moving where ants are fast moving. Other  standout features include:

  • Termites do not have eyes, Ants have eyes.
  • Termites have a soft body, Ants have hard bodies.
  • Termites have short legs where ants have long legs.
  • Termites build nest above ground, most familiar form of termite nest is a termite mound, and Ants build nests underground.

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