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Did you know Termite Damage is not covered by your insurance?

Did you know Termites can eat through large structural areas of your home before you notice they are there?

We have serviced many homeowners in Carlingford, Castle Hill, Blacktown, Seven Hills, Stanhope Garden, Telopea, Parramatta, Acacia Gardens, Baulkham Hills, Quakers Hill, Dundas, North Rock, Rydalmere, Pennant Hills and surrounding suburbs are all experiencing huge building developments, with many homes being demolished to build units, townhouses or owners are rebuilding new homes.  Many of the properties affected by termites are not just old homes, they affect new homes where the properties are under 5 years old. A number of homes we treated for termites issues the products used as under slab termite protection was not effective or not installed correctly.

Termites are looking for a new home when the termites have been living in large trees landscapes where there have been huge trees removed, land and soil movement and the termites were not treated or found during the excavation work termites are move on to the surrounding properties.

Many termites are aggressive and can cause significant damage to your home if not found early and treated. No home is really safe, many termites are aggressive and will enter home made of steel frames, hardwood, especially homes or extensions that have not properly been built or where the structure is built not using treated timbers.

Wilson’s Pest Control termite images are from actual termite jobs on the go or termite jobs completed over the years.  When you appoint a technician to do termite work make sure they are licensed to do and install certain termite products by the suppliers, that they are insured to do termite work, that they provide you with a receipt and what chemicals they have used to treat termites at your property.

If you find you have a termite issue do not disturb the area, it is also important to make tenants of properties aware that if they find termite mudding, termite grit build-up or walls that have a soft feel or showing cracking take a picture and email or text to the termite technician who will assist and instruct what needs to be done.  If you disturb the area the termite will move to another part of the residence and restart the process of destroying your home.

Our termite treatments are conducted in line with Australian Standards effectively and our termite inspections are thorough we produce a comprehensive termite report to ensure the owner knows what to do to protect and prevent their homes from termite attacks. 

Our training and experience in the timber and building industry is long term over 25 years and termites have been a part of our experience for many years dealing with forestry, sawmills, importers and to the end-user, being exposed to so many different types of timber issues both Australian and imported soft and hardwoods and how they are affected and best treated.  We have many industry specialists we work with and we consult and ensure we resolve your termite issues.  We have serviced many homes and commercial residences who have had experienced termite damage and all of these customers are always willing to provide feedback or a reference to a potential customer if required. 

If you need more information call Wilson’s Pest Control on 02 9679 8398 or 0451 590 398.

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Termite Treatments

TERMITE REPORTS are extensive and we take our time to ensure we provide you with information to ensure you know what is the conducive activity or if termites are present by using all tools and equipment available during the termite inspection,

Termite Treatments

TERMITE ZONE installs are thorough both the subfloor and external areas are treated depending on property access and limitations.  Termite Zones are installed by qualified, accredited technicians who are licensed and insured to do termite work in accordance with Australian Standards.
Termite Zone

Termite Inspection Sub Floor