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Dust Mites

Our range of services are designed to refresh any mattress, lounges, chairs, curtains, rugs, pillows and any other bedding.

Our service is provided using a state of the art new technology dry extraction method with a 1.9hp motor. We treat both sides of the mattress firstly by extracting dead skin, dust mites and allergens,then treating the mattress with an ultraviolet high output commercial germicidal light which the treatment has shown to give a 100% reduction in the growth of Coagulase negative Staphylococcus sp, Bacillus sp, Pencilluim sp, yeasts.

We pride ourselves of our personal service which is independent and confidential. We are flexible and will work with our customers to ensure the job is done timely and professionally with minimum disruption to you and your business.

Many studies have shown a single mattress contains organic, materials as well as bacteria, viruses and fungal spores, all which can cause allergies to humans. Pillow alone can increase in weight by 10% in just over 1 year, harbouring dust and mites from your body.

Steer clear of mattress cleaning where the process is by wetting the layer of your mattress when selecting a service.

We don’t use chemicals which could cause irreversible damage to your mattress and could cause harm to your customer.

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You might feel like you are the only one among thousands of Sydney residents who suffers from allergies, breathing or sinus problems. Do you know that your symptoms could be caused by dust mites? No matter how clean you keep your house or how often you dust your mattresses and upholstery, dust mites cannot be eradicated without expert care.

For those who discovering dust mites for the very first time, they are a far relative of spiders and are microscopic. They cause 80% of dust in your house. They live for just 36 days and lay many feces particles per day. Your clean mattress can hold more than a million dust mites. Dust mites do not cause any health problems; it is their droppings that cause you the issues.

Dust mites thrive in high humid conditions and places where it is warm for most of the time. This is why your bed, the mattress, is a prime area for dust mites. There are a lot of ways to get rid of dust mites.

Kill the dust mites – even leaving a few would cause the problems to recur in the near future.

Remove the dead mites, body cells and all wastes of dust mites – after all, these are the major cause of allergies

Ensure regular treatment to protect mattress from recurring infestation

What can a microscopic dust mite do to you?

Asthma, eczema, respiratory problems, hay fever, itchy nose and other problems related to skin, breathing and throat are mainly caused by dust mites. There are several other allergies that are caused by dust mites in those with sensitive skin. Thus, the only way to get rid of allergies is to get rid of the mites, their eggs and their wastes.

This is where Wilson’s Pest Control can help you. We have experience in getting rid of dust mites from your mattress. Wilson’s Pest Control can provide an effective service to remove the dust mites and their wastes with the latest and safe techniques with no side effect to your family members with sensitive skin.

Are you suffering from Asthma or allergy symptoms?

Basic methods of dusting and normal vacuuming won’t be sufficient to remove the allergens from your mattresses. Remember that this is where you and your family rest. You need the best solution to keep your mattresses free from dust mites. We provide a high power vacuum extraction process that removes pests, bugs, dead skins and other allergens from the mattress. Wilson’s Pest Control then treats the mattress with an industrial UVC lamp to kill any germs.

Reduce allergies and other respiratory problems

Reduce odour in your mattresses

Kill the dust mites – even leaving a few would cause the problem to reoccur in the near future

Totally chemical free and safe

Keep mattresses fresh and clean by booking a visit every 3 – 6 months to protect your mattress from recurring infestation.

Our treatment doesn’t void your mattress warranty as we don’t use steam or moisture which would damage the foam of your mattress. Some mattress supply companies insist on mattress treatments to ensure you don’t void your warranty, check with your manufacturer.

Wetting or steam cleaning the mattress will not fix the problem. It will cause the microscopic dust mites to condense and remain in your mattress permanently, not to mention the damage you do to your mattress.

Here are some further benefits to our Mattress cleaning service;

Mattress cleaning is not like carpet cleaning. The life cycle of dust mites starts very deep in the mattress. You need something more effective than just vacuuming and stain removal solution.

Wilson’s Pest Control has a solution that would break the life cycle of the dust mites and at the same time, it should be safe for your family. Most companies use vacuuming process and spray stain removal solution. Your mattress would smell fresh and would be stain free; the root of the problem would remain as it was and within a few weeks, the condition would return.

Do you know that 40% of the Australians are affected by allergies related to dust and pests? Did you know that 80% of those with allergies react to dust mites? Do you have someone with allergies in your house? Call us today and get the problem rectified.

Not just for your home. If it is a hospital, motel, business or any commercial area, we would provide high quality service without disrupting your business efficiency.

Do you have restless sleep, runny nose, congestion, itchy nose, coughing, dry mouth, eye irritation, wheezing sounds while sleeping or an irritated throat for a very long time?

None of the medication you take worked? It might be dirty mattresses. Do not rely on the storebought chemicals and cleaning aids.

Protecting your mattress with proper maintenance throughout its life is a straight forward solution but many of us forget and most times neglect to do.

Dust mite extraction in private residential home, hotel mattresses and soft furnishing can not only offer savings by prolonging the use of your furnishings but it also demonstrates your level of commitment towards the health and comfort of your customers.

The process of dust mite extraction should only be done by dry extraction, this is the safest way to clean your mattress, not by steam cleaning. Your mattress should never be wet, by wetting the mattress you cause other issues like mould, the allergens dry and clump together making it impossible to extract. Remember the dust mites are so small that you can only see them through a microscope and they need to be loose for the extraction unit to be able to suck them out your furnishings.

Our powerful industrial grade units generate high frequency vibration to the mattress and loosen dead skin and dirt particles that are imbedded within the mattress or furnishing.

Our machines is a powerful 1.1hp motor ensure extraction unit, picks up decaying particles and microorganisms, this unit is specially designed and adjusts to the mattress without causing damage to the material.

Once the mattress has had the dust mites extracted we include in our service a high output commercial UVC germicidal solution light, which is a hospital grade unit and is ideal for decontaminating and sterilizing kitchen food prep counters, bathrooms, under sink cabinets, infant cribs, pet areas, beds, light switches and any high moisture areas where molds and mildew may form.

Dust Mite extraction is chemical free and if required we can spray the room boundary with a non-toxic spray that is safe to use around people & animals.

The process removes Dust Mite excrement (allergens), Dog & Cat hair, Dirt, Dust, dead skin & hair.

THE BENEFITS OF THE SERVICE ARE eliminates odours, allows you to wake up well rested, totally chemical free, no damage is caused to you property, aids people with asthma, allergies, breathing issues, itchy skin, bronchitis

IS MY MATTRESS A GOOD PLACE TO SLEEP? We think it is when we initially purchase the mattress but forget about the ongoing maintenance and health issues that the buildup of dead skin and dust mites actually causes. Some mattress companies require you to have your mattress sanitised annual to ensure you a covered by their warranty.

Have you ever asked yourself what lives in our mattress & soft furnishing? Have a look at the images on our dust mite page these example of what was extracted from a clean looking mattress after a few minutes of extraction.

Dust mite extraction is not a new service, it has simply become a forgotten task in Australia. Mattress and soft furnishing dust mite removal is necessity to keep us in good health.


Some mattress company state that their mattresses are dust mite free, so, where does the dead skin and encasement end up if not in the mattress?

When you traveling and staying in hotels ask the hotel if they have a mattress and pillow treatment and if not recommend that they get this service. When you stay at hotels, just think how many others have slept, coughed and dribbled on these pillows!

Here is an excuse not to make your bed; by leaving your bed unmade each morning, and the sheets exposed to the air, you substantially reduce the numbers of dust mites.

Wash curtains, sheets, pillows and blankets in hot water. Sheets and blankets need to be washed every two weeks. Wash your pillow on hot sunny days and use a pillow liner or dust mite-proof cover. Set your washing machine to the hottest possible setting. Cold and warm water does not kill dust mites.

Bedding that may not be washed in hot water can be place in the freezer up to 48 hours to kill dust mites. Freezing and exposure to sunlight kills the mites, but does not remove dust mite residue. Feather and down pillows are feathers from birds these need to be aired in the hot sun on a regular basis or replaced after many years. Replace woolen blankets with nylon or cotton. Children’s soft furry toys must be washed regularly, in hot water.

Wash linen in hot water and dry in the hot sun. Tumble drying also helps the drying process, the heat extracting the dust as the linen is tumbling and drying.

Change pillowcases, sheets, and blankets, then vacuum the bed base and mattress.

Clean under the mattress with a damp mop to remove dust. Do not use a dry broom or dry dust cloth; this just stirs up the dust mite allergens causing them to be airborne and you inhale them through your nose and mouth.

Vacuum regularly with high powered vacuums that pick up fine dust

Air conditioner filters must be cleaned or replace once a month.

Do not allow pets to sleep on your bed. This a tough task, but you would be best to have a separate bed for your pet