Pest Control Sydney

Servicing businesses:

  • Sports & Leisure
  • Workplace Health
  • Domestic Homes
  • Schools
  • Shopping Centres & shops
  • Counters, Checkout terminals
  • Commercial and industrial site
  • Lunch Rooms
  • Office
  • Workshops
  • Dental, Doctors Surgery etc

UVC Sterilization – Odour Control – Disinfecting

Treatment covers 100% of all hard & soft surfaces

Did you know that food-grade ethanol is used to make, disinfection/ sterilisation and cleaning products, food & dietary supplements, is also a botanical extract, flavoring for food ingredients, used in alcoholic beverages  etc.

If you need more information call the office.  This service is offered to Commercial Industrial and Domestic customers.

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Our disinfecting, sterilizing & odour treatments have been part of the business for a long time and due to Coronavirus warning we are all looking for a way to ensure we practice good hygiene and prevent the spread of germs, the product we use to service has the ability to pass right through the cell walls of most microorganisms by killing them instantaneously. Does not damage anything. The spray leaves no residual smell, taste or residue and evaporates very quickly.  It is also available as a hand sanitiser.

We also offer Ultra Violet light sterilisation for sensitive areas.