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Wilsons Pest and Termite Control Western Sydney

No matter the pests, Wilson’s Pest control can help you rid pests fast and importantly safely without affecting your environment. Our Pest Control service is provided to both commercial & domestic customers, from rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ants, wasps, Termite Treatments & termite inspections many other services, rest assured we can resolve your pest issue effectively.

As an additional part of our service, we can offer a disinfection treatment that prevents germs from spreading in your environment.

Wilson’s Pest Control service is different. We provide a service that works. We strive to resolve your issues and work with our customer to ensure the job is done correctly the first time.

Wilson’s Pest Control provides service to schools, shopping centres, small to large industrial and commercial properties.

The service is provided at a mutually convenient time that fits in with our customer needs where the running of their business is not disrupted.

We provide an efficient effective service and also offer Afterpay, targeting the pest issues present and advising our customers along the way on any conducive conditions that they may not be aware of at their premises. Wilson’s Pest Control Western Sydney provides this service whilst at the site or during our treatment.  Therefore no need to pay service calls or special inspection fees to check on what could be an issue.

Wilson’s Pest Control provide receipts with all service calls, we provide account customer with reports on the day’s service or visit.

It is an EPA requirement that all pest services conducted must provide customers with a receipt detailing the chemicals that they have used at the property.

Wilson’s Pest Control provides pest commercial, industrial or domestic service to many suburbs in Western Sydney:

If we cannot resolve your pest issue this will result in us losing you as a customer. This is not what we want and we will do everything in our power to resolve your issues so that we don’t lose you as a customer.

At Wilson’s Pest Control believe we have the best customers; you, as our customer are very important to us, that’s what keeps us in business. Our Customers tell us exactly what their pest issues are no matter what they are, we provide them with a service that fixes their pest problems.

Wilson’s Pest Control provide a current service and keep up to date with industry changes by undertaking training and attending information event ensuring we offer our customer the best product and service year after year. We don’t use scare tactic, we give you many solutions to resolve your pest issues.

Our loyal customers want a good service and we believe in doing business the old fashioned way, we therefore have put the Wilson’s family name on the line.

Wilson’s Pest Control is owned by Don & Manda Wilson, we are both licensed technicians and are supported by good staff and have fun working together as a team.

Our business has grown rapidly from repeat referral business and majority of our customers are located in Western Sydney, Blacktown, Hills District.

Call Wilson’s Pest Control on 0451 590 398 or 02 9679 8398 to discuss pest control needs.

Wilsons Pest Control Sydney offers customers across Western Sydney obligation-free advice on all aspects of pest control.

We are fully accredited and equipped to take on any job size. We only use quality products to ensure the job is done correctly the first time. We guarantee our work and take an interest in our customer’s needs. We are flexible, honest, and reliable, charging a fair price for the services we provide.

When we receive your call, we will assess the extent of the infestation, discuss the type of treatment you require and take into account your family, pets, and business requirements. Our spay service is conducted by spraying the surface in an effective controlled manner, the products dry quickly and adhere to the external walls creating a barrier and affecting the insects when they come in contact.  We do not dilute or overspray areas as they say less is more and much more effective, we do not want to destroy the environment and our products are designed to target specific insects that are pests which are treated on the day of service.

We provide you a quote and time to complete the total service. We don’t take shortcuts and ensure the job is done safely and efficiently. What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us soon and keep your environment free of unwanted pests. Call 0451 590 398

Why choose Wilsons pest control Sydney services?

We offer pest control solutions for both businesses and homes.

Wilson’s Pest Control Western Sydney offers our clients a full range of services to fulfill their pest management requirements. Wilson’s Pest Control is a reputable name in pest removal and preventions. Our pest service is effective & safe. We work with our customers to rid your property and home and make it completely pest-free. Wilson’s Pest Control offers a wide range of services, including On-site assessment, evaluation of the problem, general pest control domestic & commercial, termite inspections, baiting & treatments, and obligation-free pest help.

We pride ourselves for safe pest control solutions and competitive prices.

Wilson’s Pest Control aim we do the job correctly the first time and if you have a problem we will rectify it immediately all our work is guaranteed. Our Pest Control service provides ongoing assessment and review to ensure you are receiving a high level of service. We aim to either meet or exceed your expectations and to ensure removal of pests from your premises is carried out safely, professionally. Wilson’s Pest Control will provide initial site consultation and assessment to determine the most cost effective process for your Pest situation.

We strictly adhere with industry codes of practice and regulations.

As a member of AEPMA we adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. We are covered by insurance, and are fully licensed to perform Pest services. We continually keep up todate by undertaking training, attending industry events and to keep up todate on latest technology and changes in our industry. As a member of AEPMA we have access to resources and professional advices from the industry to ensure we delivery the best most effective service to our valued customers.

Dust mite and allergies solutions for the entire family.

Wilson’s Pest Control Western Sydney uses a high powered dust extraction unit which is totally chemical-free. Did you know that dust mites are tiny, microscopic pests, that are found in human habitats, like our house, beds, lounges, carpet, mats. Dust mite droppings are composed of protein compounds, if and when we breathe in the substance or when dust mite comes into contact with our skin and body tries to protect us by producing antibodies. These antibodies release histamine a chemical that causes the typical redness and swelling associated with allergies. Symptoms include itchiness, eczema, watering eyes, sneezing, coughing,runny or itchy nose, hay fever, breathing problems. Wilson’s Pest Control solution will eliminate dust mites from your home which will aid to improve your overall health.

We only use safe and environmentally friendly solutions.

Wilsons Pest Control Western Sydney uses chemicals with caution no matter what many products are still chemical and must be applied safely and all care is taken to ensure you understand the process, pets and your loved ones must not be moving or running around when a pest spray is applied. Wilson’s Pest Control cares about the environment, we strive to use the least toxic hazardous chemicals possible, and where possible no chemicals are used we help you change your environment. We strive to use the most effective pest control products available. We aim to use only products that are targeted at the pest insect and lethal to insects while at the same time being harmless for humans and pets. Treatment is by not over spraying but ensuring proper coverage – less is more!  One of our termite treatment is not listed on the poisons register and is totally safe to use around your family, pets and does not kill good insects like pollinating bees.

Eliminate germs, viruses, bacteria and more on household surfaces.

Chemical-free, odorless hospital-grade UV-C light has lethal effects on germs and bacteria by destroying the DNA of odor-causing and allergy-inducing microorganisms. This sanitizer virtually eliminates unwanted bacteria, including E. coli, H1N1, MRSA and more. It safely eliminates 99.9 percent of germs, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and flea and dust mite eggs from household surfaces and fabrics. Tested by independent third-party laboratories in both America and Australia. Great for both homes and businesses alike! Unlike sprays and wipes, sanitizing with UV-C light leaves no liquid or chemical residue, making it ideal for sanitizing restaurants and childcare facilities.


Thanks Don and Manda for your hard work. We had been through several termite companies including a couple of shoddy providers so it was a difficult process to figure out who to engage. These guys put a lot of time into explaining our options to us without a lot of the scare tactics that many companies tried and we were very comfortable working with them are very happy with their work. We would recommend Don and Manda to anyone, many thanks again guys! Paptosaurus

Our Staff

Don Wilson

Hi my name is Don, as the owner and director of Wilson’s Pest Control business, our success and reputation depends on building trust with our loyal customers. Today, we stand proud as a family owned and operated pest control service in Western Sydney and service all across Sydney.

Pest Control Experience

Residential Pest Control Sydney

When it comes to your business or home Wilson’s Pest Control has you covered for all type of pest control across Sydney including pest control in Blacktown and pest control in Castle Hill !

Our Pest Control treatment provides better protection from pests but significantly reduces the risk of infestations by undertaking annual, quarterly, bi-monthly service which are designed with convenience in mind.  The fewer Chemicals used the better and applying a pest spray effectively without huge volumes that can run into waterways is important the spray should not be applied to create puddles it needs to be applied to the surface and perimeter to ensure it dried quickly and effectively.

Our treatments all target pests in your commercial, industrial or domestic premises including Cockroaches/German Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents Termites.

Just tell us what problem you have and we will provide solutions to resolve the issues. We listen to you our customer. We take our time and do the job properly. We work with you to eliminate pests from your property internally and externally.

Commercial Pest Control Western Sydney

Wilson’s Pest Control Western Sydney put the best practice and effort to ensure our service eradicates pest issues in your business, restaurant, home. Our pest control service is provided by a qualified licensed team, which ensures that all work carried out is done correctly the first time. Our pest control service is designed to ensure we are not difficult to deal with and ensure the pest service we offer is conducted efficiently, professionally to the benefit of both parties. Wilson’s Pest Control inspection and routine preventative services provide you with a solution and we don’t take shortcuts when servicing your business needs.

Wilson’s Pest Control Western Sydney had many small to large commercial companies that we have serviced for many years, we build good relationships with the business by providing an effective service for the pest issues that they need to be treated.

We provide our commercial customers with reports and records that are not complex but provide information that is relevant to their site on any conducive conditions and preventative measures to ensure a safe, pest-free environment.

When we look after your business we are committed to modifying our practices to ensure it works for your commercial business our pest control processes have evolved and we can provide you with some excellent solutions by undertaking annual, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, etc service which are designed with convenience in mind.

Our Pest Control treatment provides better protection from pests but also significantly reduces the risk of infestations by regular pest services which are designed with convenience in mind. Our treatments are tailored and target pests in your commercial property including Cockroaches/German Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents Termites.

Just tell us what problems you are having, we listen to you our customer. We take our time and do the job properly. We work with you to eliminate pests from your premises by treating the inside and outside accordingly.

Industrial Pest Control Sydney

Wilson’s Pest Control work with many industrial business and to ensure pest infestation are controlled by taking preventative measures for your business wich add up to big cost savings in repairs and maintenance caused by pests like rodents, birds, germ spreading insects.

By undertaking a regular service by undertaking annual, quarterly, bi monthly service which are designed with convenience in mind of your operation there are significant benefits for industrial facilities, factories, manufacturing plants to protect their pemises from pests that can cause serious problems.

Good property and safety management utilizing pest management solutions protect employees and the business from transmissible diseases that are carried by rodents chewing through wiring causing electrical fires, getting into machinery, building nests in roofing and vents, unsanitary and unsightly hygiene in the workplace.

Hospitality Pest Control Sydney.

Our Pest Control treatment provides a discrete service by working with the restaurant/café/hospitality manager to ensure their environment is free from unsightly pests that spread disease and a unsightly to your customer. We ensure the methods we use are targeted at the problems and put in measure to ensure we manage and prevent reoccurring issues by significantly reducing the risk of infestations. Our Sydney Pest Control Service offers annual, quarterly, bi monthly service which are designed with convenience in mind. Our treatments all target common pets like Cockroaches/German Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Rodents.