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Ants are social creatures. There are many species of ants in Australia.

Ants live in nests, the colony varies you are most likely to find ants located in soil, wood and among rocks.

Ants are common among buildings, pathways. It is import to identify the ant and by doing this we can determine how to treat the infestation.

Ants are either scavengers or predators. Ants are a nuisance pest, they are unsightly, and some ants may bite or sting humans.

Ants as scavengers they forage in food handling areas like kitchens, rubbish bins, dog droppings and many other places where there are sources.

Ants move around in contaminated areas and may present health issues as they and carry on their bodies the diseases.

The common brown house ant prefers protein like meat, insects, blood and the common black house ant settle for a variety of different food but preference is sweets.

Take preventative measure to deter ants from your property by ensuring you don’t encourage ant infestations around your property, hygiene in and around the building and indoors all surface and floors need to be free of food crumbs and particles to discourage ant and remove their food supply.

Ants can be difficult to eradicate and may appear after a treatment that is because new ants start a new nest in or around the same area.

A repeat service is require to retreat the ants. Our pest control service has a solution for all your needs.