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PEST CONTROL Ant Gel Amgrow Patrol


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  • Ant Gel bait for use in side home or office. Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Control Bait safe and effective way to control ants.
  • Ant poison which contains imidacloprid, is placed safely in a bait station preventing access from pets and family.
  • Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Control Bait lures the ants to the bait, the ants feed on the poison baits which ants take back to the nest. The ant colony is then affected by the bait that spreads throughout the colony of ants and poisoning resulting in the killing of all the ants in the nest as well as the queen.


How do I get rid of ants?

Amgrow Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Control Bait is a highly effective and the safest way to control ants.

This non-schedule poison containing Imidacloprid is delivered safely in a bait station container which helps to keep the bait safe away from pets and family.

Amgrow Patrol Fixant Advanced Ant Control Bait contains a sweet-tasting substance which is a very effective lure attracting sugar-feeding ant types.

In some cases, the ant activity may increase as worker ants feed on the Patrol Fixant baits by taking it back to the nest.

When the ants gather they transfer the bait to other ants in the colony. This causes a cascading kill effect as the ant bait is shared among the ant members spreading the poison by killing the nest and queen.

It will need to be applied regularly when ants are present as ants make many trials usually being a new colony.

The pack comes as a kit may be small but is very effective.

How to use: Refer to the instructions on the packaging

Ingredients:0.05g/L Imidacloprid

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions25 × 10 × 30 cm