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Ditrac Rodent Bait Blox 8kg Bulk Bucket by Bell Inc


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Brand: Bell Laboratories
Type: Rodent Bait Blocks
Active Ingredients: 0.05g/kg Brodifacoum
Mixing Rate: Ready to Use
Application Rate: refer to the instruction on the bucket. station, Mice 2 blocks per locked bait station.
Sizes: 8kg bucket (Red Blox)

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Ditrac Rodent Bait Blox 8kg bucket is ideal for large baiting jobs and quick control

Baiting Strategy: Eliminate all alternative food sources. Bait areas where conditions might encourage rodent activity. Place bait undercover. Inspect bait stations regularly. Replace eaten or old/deteriorated baits. If quickly eaten, increase
the number of bait blox in the bait station. Continue observation and refill accordingly until no more baits are taken.

Baiting for at least two weeks is necessary to reduce rat/mouse numbers.

For Mice: use single blocks. In very high infestation or fast uptake of the bait use 2 blocks.

For rats: use 1 or more blocks depending on the level of infestation. In very high infestation or fast uptake
use more baits per bait station.  Always read the label and follow manufacturers recommendations

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Weight8 kg
Dimensions35 × 35 × 50 cm