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Senticon Always Active Termite Treatment


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  • Sentricon Always Active Termite Pods Safe for Family and Pets


Sentricon IG (In-Ground) Termiticide Rods protect your home from termites and have the benefits of both chemical barriers and bait stations, without any of their drawbacks.

Termites are not easy to detect, and failing to do so can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

As Trained professional termite inspectors we know termite behavior; where they likely to hide, what their damage looks like, what they leave behind as evidence. Unless you’re a professional termite manager, would suggest leaving this job to the professionals.

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Note: Price is estimated only, the price quoted is per unit. 

Please call 0451 50- 398 or 02 9679 8398 to discuss your needs before placing an order as the price may vary.

Sentricon can be supplied in larger quantities, casing only, or replacement termiticide pods.

Installation is available and recommended at additional cost.


Sentricon AlwaysActive is safe to you, your customers, their pets, and the environment. There are no nasty chemicals involved. There is no impact on groundwater, wildlife, and the environment. So it is negligible risk in sensitive situations.

Sentricon targets termites, so beneficial insects are not affected.


Sentricon AlwaysActive is affordable protection against a common risk and an ideal termite management system that can be maintained for the life of the structure.

Where to install Sentricon AlwaysActive Pods

Sentricon AlwaysActive pods can be installed in shallow soil, around trees and tree stumps, in gardens.  Sentricon AlwaysActive pods are active immediately and work eliminating the colony before you even know they are there.  They can be installed in new or existing homes, sheds, garden beds.


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Weight12 kg
Dimensions50 × 40 × 50 cm