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Rats & mice are disease carriers they contaminate food with their urine & droppings and leave urine trails as they roam or run.

Rodents can damage roof and internal electrical wiring by gnawing, they contaminate stored foods, transmit disease using effective methods where it be baiting or trapping is a must and safety precautions are always undertaken.

Common rodents in homes & commercial properties are Norway, Roof rats and the common house mouse. You will often hear them in the roof void or see them in your home.
Food premises need to ensure they have a proper process in place to eliminate rodents from their business not to mention their reputation if a customer sees a rodent.

Their poor eye-sight but excellent sense of hearing, smell, taste & touch, sense of touch due to very sensitive body hairs & whiskers which they use to explore & sense of smell to locate food items & other rats, they rely on sense of smell to recognize pathways, odour of other rodents species, by senses, combined with their touch sensitivity & hearing, they don’t like change, when baiting it is important to ensure the environment does not change until they are effectively eliminated. Rodents commonly move along walls, a fact which is very important when designing a rodent bait control program.

If baits are sprayed with insecticide where the rodents are entering it may lead to bait rejection therefore area must not be treated with other products to ensure the bait is effective.

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