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Blow Flies get into homes through open doors, windows, or small cracks in walls in search of food. Once inside, blow flies find a meal and begin to deposit eggs on its surface.

Blow flies transmit and spread diseased to humans by contaminating food left out on bench. Blow flies also transfer diseases when a blow fly comes into contact with an open wound on children, people, pets or livestock.

If you have a blow fly infestation it often indicates a more serious issue, an indoor swarm is a sign of a possible rodent, bird or other animal carcass trapped in your roof or wall.

Blow flies are attracted to decaying meat of dead animals and is essential for larval survival and growth. Blow flies can often be found around compost in gardens they are also attracted to many plants that give off the odours such as upside down orchids which has a rotten meat odour, with all the bad points there are some good as well they can also be a pollinator for many plants.

Don’t create conditions, by leaving dirty dished in sink, food out during day or night that is not covered, place fruit that is ripe in fridge, remove pet food that is not eaten, disposing of all food scraps or waste in sealed rubbish bags by taking out the rubbish from your kitchen or home during the night, washing down the bins regularly, ensure you bins have a tight-fitting lids that will is not exposing food waste, this will make a huge difference in maintaining a blow fly free environment.

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