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Eco-neem by OCP for natural control of many Pests


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  • Eco-Neem is a registered organic botanical insecticide that contains effective extracts from the neem tree. controls a broad range of chewing and sucking insects, Caterpillars, curl grubs, mites, aphids, whitefly, citrus leaf miner, mealybug, fungus gnats, grasshoppers.
  • Eco neem is Safe for bees, ladybeetles and other insects which are beneficial to the environment.
  • Available in 100ml concentrate packs.

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Eco-neem by OCP is a registered organic insecticide for the control of a broad range of chewing and sucking insects including citrus leafminer, curl grubs, grasshoppers, aphids, mealybugs, mites, lawn armyworm, caterpillar, whitefly, and fungus gnats in soil. It also controls sooty mould on plants.

Why not try your own pest control for Grasshoppers, Flying Gants are nuisance pests Eco Neem is a great product to use and is not a chemical pesticide but a natural organic product to use around your home.

Neem oil is an effective organic control for fungus gnats, crickets so many other soil insects and can be used as a soil drench to kill the larvae. Fungus gnats can also be easily controlled with a simple product you may already have at home.

Eco-neem is a biologically derived product that is active on the listed chewing and sucking insect pests on a wide range of plants and in lawns. Eco-neem is compatible with eco-oil.


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