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Possum in my Roof

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Winter is well and truly here the cool weather has set in, all our suburbs have had huge numbers of high rise units built where clearing of bushland that has existed for decades and provided homes to possums and many other creatures. The new buildings and clearing of lands is causing the natural environment for both Possums and Rodents to be destroyed and disappear, they don’t have any option but to find new homes – this being your home.

Many of us have experienced noises in the roof and even though they are not that loud they seem to be so much louder when we are tucked away in our bed, even worse when you are home alone the noise of whatever is in the roof is likely ten times louder.

The noise in the roof from possums often can be heard by cough, thumping, hissing noises. Rats make also make thumping or loud patter sound in the roof or ceiling.

Both rats & possums create damage in your roof by urinating, chewing or gnawing on electrical wires this damage caused over time to the ceiling can be costly to the owner.

Possums are protected in NSW and catching possums without a licence is illegal. National Parks and Wildlife issue licences to trap possums on your property. Traps are available for hire from some wildlife rescue services or you can contact Wilson’s Pest Control or other pest control companies who will assist or organise a professional technician to undertake this job.

It is illegal to trap possums and release them away from your home, possums are highly territorial relocating them elsewhere will only result in the possums returning to your home or the possum being attacked by other possums already residing in the area.

The most distinct signs of a possum infestation is the bad smell. Possums defecate frequently and their droppings can be as large as a small domestic dog or cat. One major danger is if you have possums entering your roof and they damage wiring this could potentially be by electrocution, which can cause fires or the possum dies in the roof void, you’ll know by the strong smell of decay.

Possums are nocturnal and generally only come out in the dark, they also don’t like strong odours so to prevent them from residing in your roof space block up any holes in the eaves by placing tangled wire, cut overhanging branches over your property, repair any roof riles or entry points. Use possum deterrents where possible in the roof space like blood & bone around plants, herbs such as sage, rosemary, oregano mixed with chilli and naphthalene products or camphor.

Below is a link to a site that has other information and rangers that will remove the possum in your roof space