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  • Over 3,000 species of Cockroach worldwide.
  • Seven species invade homes in Australia
  • German, Australian, Smoky Brown, American, Brown, Oriental, Brown Banded

o  German cockroach are an insects that have adopted to man’s environment.

o  German cockroach can detect and avoid many commonly used insecticides which consumers use but are not effective.

o  German cockroach can thrive on minute amountts of human food scraps and moisture.

o  German cockroach are nocturnal (active at night), excellent climbers and can fit into smallest cracks because of their light and slender shape.

o  The German cockroach is the major household pest in Townhouse/Units, domestic homes, restaurants, cafes, schools to name a few.


German cockroach pass through THREE life stages:  egg (ootheca) capsule • nymph • adult

o  German Cockroach lay eggs in groups in a capsule called an ootheca. Refer to cycle info

o  Nymphs grow and shed their skins through many stages

o  Nymphs are smaller but resemble adults, don’t have wings and are quick moving.

o  German Cockroaches have chewing mouth parts.

o  German Cockroach remain in dark warm confined spaces and crack when not seeking food or water and they thrive in these conditions.

o  German Cockroach defecate they leaving small dark brown specks which look like pepper which may be useful in detecting an Infestation.


o  Thorough cleaning will deprive German Cockroach of their food source. Food splatters should be cleaned up promptly on cupboard doors, stoves, floors back of fridge & seals.

o  Sealing openings will prevent German Cockroach from the interior of the home and eliminate harbourage.

o  Avoid allowing clutter of newspapers, magazines, or piles of clothing to accumulate. This will also reduce harbourage.

o  Garbage should be in sealed bins and moved out of the house in the evening.

o  Pet food should not be left out continuously, but picked up after feeding.

o  Repair any leaking plumbing. This will deprive the German Cockroach of water.

o  Check incoming boxes or bags of groceries or other materials to prevent bringing German Cockroach in with them. This includes person items, fruit boxes, open food and spice packets in pantry


German Cockroach are mechanical carriers of disease causing organisms. They are capable of spreading many diseases.

o  German Cockroach can spread food poisoning Salmonella bacteria and have also been implicated in allergic reactions.

o  German
Cockroach also consume human food, so by leaving food out you are feeding them

o  German Cockroach have been found to short circuit electrical appliances causing fires and breakdowns in ovens, fridge motors, microwave oven clocks.


A thorough chemical treatment for German Cockroach should include:

  • flushing aerosol compound & crack & crevice spray
  • Repeat service at additional charge may be required if infestation is severe at the premises

o  In order to be effective against newly hatching German Cockroach, a repeat chemical application should be made about 1 month following the first


o  Cooperate fully with your technician. Remove all dishes, pots, pans, and food stuffs from cupboards and cover them prior to treatment by allowing for a clean surface this will allow the chemical to be applied evenly and effectively

o  Dry do not wipe surface, return personal items and sweep up any dead insects, do not mop or wipe the area to ensure the product sprayed is long lasting.

o  Don’t hoard or keep boxes or books from 2nd hand places you are probably bringing in your problem


We will provide you with a receipt for the service this is important so that you know what you have paid for.  If anyone offers you a pest service without a receipt I would be careful.  EPA is our licencing body and they stipulate what that a professional pest technician should provide what chemicals they are using on each job if they don’t this is against the law. Below are some links to assist you;

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