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In the Midst of Chaos, there is Opportunity – Sun Tzu from ‘The Art of War’….businesses will be needing this and might actually be required to have COVID19 sanitization in place.

Stay Home – Wear A Mask if you need to go out – Get Vaccinated – Keep Safe we have to help to contain the Covid 19 virus and get back to living the Australian way.

All our team has undertaken the Covid-19 training.  As part of all our service, we are providing a 500ml sanitiser spray with every service booked to assist in preventing germs from spreading.

Pest Companies conducting sanitising must have insurances cover. Sanitising goes hand in hand with pest control on the basis that pests spread disease. Our guess is that we are heading for a new clean freak society for some time to come.

It is important to keep your surroundings clean during coronavirus whether it is your workplace or residence. Sanitising will prevent the spread of this deadly virus, and more people would stay healthy.

We have been informed by our industry body AEPMA that NSW Health has made it clear that NSW Government will not be responding to individual requests for clarification.  They have reiterated that they “are asking people not to seek exceptions to the rules, but instead to ensure they comply with them, in order to reduce the number of infectious cases of Covid-19 in the community”

NSW Health has indicated that they have been inundated with 1000s of requests with not only the pest industry but other Service Industries and their response will be the same.

As Operators, we are also reminded that if it is an emergency response, then we need to adhere to Government Regulations in respect to masks and social distancing and have a covid safe plan in place, which we do.

We reiterate that pest management services are allowed only if urgently required for,

  • The health and safety or security of the premises or members of the household
  • Or because of an emergency 

Covid Safe Wear A Mask Get Vaccinated