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When conducting a termite inspection we look for visible signs of termite infestation or conducive conditions like:

  • Mud or grit like substance forming in the subfloor, roof void or internal areas
  • Wood damage, borer damage etc
  • Mud tubes or leads
  • Discarded Alate Termite wings.
  • High Moisture reading
  • Leaks Taps, Shower pan leaks, hot water, air conditioners etc
  • Timber Damage
  • Tree Stumps

Wilsons Pest Control utilise all possible equipment video cameras, probes, borescope, endoscope, moisture meters, infra-red, visual, hearing devices, invasive whatever it takes to find termite activity a thorough report detailing all findings with recommendations.

We are fully insured and accredited to undertake termite work.

Wilson’s Pest Control consults and works with a licensed builder in cases where there is structural damage or extreme situation.

Don is licensed and accredited to do termite work has been trained by Matthew Lawther, Wilsons Pest Control team as Pest Management technicians Steve Wilson & Manda Wilson were trained by Stephen King and Keith Farrow some of the best trainers in the pest industry by MPL & Rapid.  As a team, we ensure we do the best to located termites and advise our customers of preventions.

Wilsons Pest Control Sydney believes we have a proven method and process for all termite treatment that we undertake.  All installation and termite work is carried out in accordance with Australian Standard, manufacturer requirements with products used from reputable suppliers like Termidor, Sentricon, Fipforce Aqua, Altriset etc.  Every termite situation is different therefore we discuss with the owner the best solution and what product would be best for their property.

We are a member of AEPMA conduct our business within a strict code of ethics, we are members of the council of AEPMA we consult with many other reputable pest companies and industry associated groups to ensure we conduct our business in a professional ethical manner at all times.  We are grateful to have such a knowledgeable group of professional people to consult within the industry. 

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If you wanting to speak to someone about your termite issues please do not hesitate to call 0451 590 398 or 9679 8398.