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Eco – oil Sprayer 750ml by OCP


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  • Eco-Oil is a registered organic miticide/insecticide spray made from Australian grown
    plant oils and botanical extracts. Eco-oil controls a broad range of insects including
    scale, mites, aphids, whitefly, mealybugs and leaf miner.
  • Eco-oil is safe for insects like bees and ladybeetles which are beneficial. ‘HIPPO
  • Enhanced’ formulation has been designed to attract more beneficial
    insects into our garden like ladybeetles, lacewings and many other beneficial insects.
  • There is no withholding
    period. So it is safe for use on edible fruit and vegetables crops also reduces the risk of foliage being burnt compared to other mineral based sprays like white oil. Eco-oil can also be used as an additive to improve and help stick to plants sprayed.
  • Available in handy ready to use 750ml”

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