Bees Removal Western Sydney

Bees are beneficial to our environment and food source. The first and best option is to call a beekeeper (apiarist) for the direct removal of the hive; the hive is kept alive and relocated to a suitable location. The native black bee do not sting therefore are not considered a pest and these native black fees do not need to be treated.

Beehives are established in the springtime, the hive is started when the queen bee leaves the existing nest or hive to start the cycle in a new location. Hollow trees are a natural place for bees to start hives and often due to lack of hollow trees in suburbs the bees find your home and wall cavities as a place to establish new beehives.

The beehive structure is dense hexagonal shaped cells, these cells are used by the bees to store food and the new brood. The artificial beehives are used in honey production and to pollinate crops in many parts of Australia where the bee population has been destroyed.

You can contact NSW Beekeepers Association for more information

If the bees are inside a residential or commercial property wall they offen cannot be saved and may need to be erradicated as they can pose a danger to occupants.

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