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Wilson’s Pest Control is not about killing all insects it is important to ensure our ecosystem is protected and that we keep in mind that not all insects are bad. Many insects play an important part in our environment like bees that pollinate, the Stag beetle mulches up dead wood, and by munching on the old wood fibers conditions soil where it breaks decomposes giving our plants and vegetable good soil to grow in.

Rodents like Rats and Mice, Cockroaches especially the German Cockroach would have to be the major pest insect that is one we really don’t believe adds any benefit and is known to spread diseases.

In some European religious cultures the stag beetle, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. Also known as oak-ox, thunder-beetle, billy witches in Croatian is known as Jelenjak Boziji Vol (holy bull).

The Stag Beetle is a good bug that helps us in the garden and is a helping hand to us gardeners. Stag Beetles play a really important role in our gardens by consuming rotting leaves, decaying wood, and fallen fruit juices in orchards.

Males do not have enough strength to bite, however, the female does have a bite they are not toxic. Stag Beetles are very popular as pets in Japan a lot like the rhinoceros beetles.

The common Stag beetle lives a short life they hatch in summer and die in the autumn, with different species of Stag Beetles they can live up to 6 years or more dependent on the weather.

Birds, Bats, rodents like rats are the main predators of the stag beetle along with cats and dogs. The Stag Beetle bury themselves deep in the soil and the larvae feed on decaying wood matter in the ground. When adults they feed on solid foods using their tongue to drink sap from fallen soft fruit decaying on the ground.

Stag Beetles are becoming scarce in the world and many countries have programs in place to ensure they are preserved. Stag beetles are declining as their existence depends on food availability, habitat especially in urban places where trees have been removed and stump ground out they rely on decaying wood, moist soil, and good weather to survive. Recently I visited a very interesting site that provided so much information

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Pest Control Sydney

Stag Beetle Pest Control Sydney

Stag Beetle The Good Bug Pest Control

Stag Beetle the good Bug Pest Control

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