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The objective of an INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) process is to reduce the occurrence of pests that cause damage, risks, or harm at a premise.

The many methods of pest management are physical, Biological, Environmental no chemical methods or chemicals to eliminate and prevent pests at the premises

Know & understand the biology of the insects or pests and relevant information about their environment, habitats combined with the knowledge & skills to do the job efficiently, effectively without using harsh chemicals, causing minimal hazard environment, customers, employees, staff, pets, property, and pest manager

Not all pests are bad their existence and interaction in the environment are very important. Insects also act as pollinators, ensuring the survival of plant species, insects play a very important role in our environment.

Property owners combined with integrated pest management (IPM) aim to create an environment that is not conducive for pests by controlling food, shelter & water source.

IPM is not a job for the pest manager alone, it needs to be a joint effort.  Property owners need to practice good housekeeping, hygiene, and cleaning practices to ensure they do not create environments that entice pest activity.

Effective IPM is with the Building maintenance manager combined with a recommendation from the pest manager to undertake pest-proofing measures around the premises ie entry and exits to be sealed to prevent pest activity entry.

Pest Manager will ensure regular monitoring of pests and routine inspections of the premises depending on the severity of the issues at premises, which could be monthly, quarter, or annually or as agreed.

Pest Manager will provide good record keeping of pest activity, review the program regularly to ensure it is working effectively, and adjust the program from time to time as required.

Pest Manager will undertake control measures to eliminate pests when identified at premises in consultation with management or property owner.

As a pest control business, we would be happy to discuss your needs whether it be commercial, industrial or domestic we have treated many properties effectively and put programs in place to ensure effective pest management.

Wilson’s Pest Control is based in Blacktown and service areas in the Northwest and throughout Sydney with many of our customers being referred from other jobs.

If you have any pest issues or concerned feel free to give us a call on 02 9679 8398 or 0412 941 227.

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