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How To Get Rid Of House Crickets

None of the cricket varieties bite or carry diseases, sign of a cricket infestation is the loud chirping the male crickets make, done by rubbing their front wings together. Crickets mate & lay their eggs in the soil in the late summer to early autumn.

When a property has a pest service it is important to advise if you have issues with crickets to ensure all areas area treated accordingly.

Crickets will enter homes through weep holes and have filled wall cavities and the roof void therefore it is important to treat all areas effectively.

Sanitation is the most important means of eliminating nuisance crickets. Remove harbourage areas in your home by mowing the lawn, weed around the home, trimming dense shrubs away from the home, move woodchip piles away from your home perimeter, and don’t store items up against the residence. Check for cracks or gaps around paving or concrete outside of your home and seal up the hole, not the weep holes just other cracks in the concrete, paving. Natural ways to eradicate crickets is by using vinegar or salt in water can kills crickets. Cats play with crickets. Natural enemies are birds, lizards, spiders as they will happily munch on the cricket.

A chemical option is Baythroid by Yates follow manufacturers instructions for applying product to your lawn;