Common Fleas are the cat flea, cat fleas mostly infect dogs & humans. Fleas thrive on the warm-blooded animal but seem to prefer to live on dogs, cats, people, rodents like rats & mice. Fleas can be found on personal items like clothing, blankets, carpets, floorboards your pet bedding

Adult fleas range in colour from a light brown to a dark mahogany and, when viewed with the naked eye, they are roughly an oval shape. They are flattened laterally.

Fleas attach to a host it then uses its mouthparts in a sawing motion to cut into the skin. It injects a small amount of an anti-coagulant into the wound to keep the blood flowing.

2 – 8 mm in size covered with bristles like combs that enable them to stick in the hairs of their host so they are difficult to remove. Male & female fleas rely on blood for their nutrition, they can survive for many months in a dormant state if a blood meal is not available.

Females will lay up to eggs after a blood feed. A female flea will typically lay around 100 eggs. Eggs can hatch in one week, they can lie dormant for many months. This is why it is important to ensure when spraying correct chemical is used & occupants are aware of this issue.

Housekeeping, hygiene like regular vacuuming disposing of the bag contents in a bin after clean up, grooming treatment for pets & their bedding, chemical treatment are extensive and treatment of the infested areas of the property is a must.

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