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How to get rid of Ants

Wilson’s Pest Control will assist you with you are having ant problems where they just keep appearing & keep coming back.

Key factor in baiting ants is the correct identification, knowledge of the ant species which will determine which product is the best.

We suggest a home product that will remove ants by applying a few drops of ant fixant to the area the ants are entering – Patrol Ant Control bait Fixant by Amgrow is a great product for around $20 it is available online from our store

If you need a professional pest manager the treatment is targeted at the insect & is much more effective & longer lasting.

It is not advisable to have a pest service with the hope of eradicating a huge infestation of ants. It is far more effective if you treat the ants and then treat other pest issues separately ant, cockroaches and spiders are all different and different methods need to be applied.

As a homeowner, you can assist by not leaving pet food or your own food out, wiping up sweet drinks or spills, place open food items in jars with tight lids by being proactive you can resolve half your issue. Ant control if effective if the nest is found, by using a professional service they target the specific ants & they won’t be back for a long time.

As pest managers we use products that are non-repellent, the ants move through the product treatment by pick up tiny amounts of the chemical by transfer it to other ants in the nest which contaminates the colony & destroys the nest. It takes anything from a few days to a few weeks to eradicate a nest.

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Ants Pest Control

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Ants Pest Control

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Ants Pest Control